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We have begun our next step in developement for better gameplay.

Congratulations to our team for the recent (4-11-17) award of the US trademark.
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ActiChess.Com's great new chess variant is online & free.

We regret any problems you may be encountering while attempting mobile phone and tablet play. Right now the desktop version works fine however touch controls are not. Any coders out there that would like to help for free, just let Rodney know at 972-946-9605.

Spinning ActiChess game board.

Want to help?

ActiChess is and always was privately developed and funded over it's 24 year life so far. Everything here has been donated to this project for your free playing fun. Won't you please help us improve and continue by donating today?

Would you like to include the cheesy "standard" version of solo chess game below into your site for free?
(Our chess game version is not shared just yet like this - BUT will be shared soon and you can PLAY IT NOW HERE.)
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<iframe src="http://ActiChess.Com/Game.htm" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="520" height="700"></iframe>

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